Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Worldwide Predstoyatel of the UAOC Receives Greetings from the International Community

KYIV, UKRAINE: His Beatitude, MEFODIY, Metropolitan of Kyiv & All Ukraine, Primate of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church throughout the world, received greetings from the international community on the occasion of his March 11 birthday.

The president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko in a personal greeting to His Beatitude, Metropolitan Mefodiy, used these words, "I wish you much health, happiness, goodness and God's grace for many years," stated the office of the Press-Service of the president.

The president also mentioned that Metropolitan Mefodiy's wisdom and selfless service to God and Ukraine has given great spiritual enlightenment to the Ukrainian people.

In a communique from New York, His Eminence, Metropolitan Mykhayil, speaking on behalf of the clergy, religious and faithful of the UAOC throughout North & South America, conveyed the following sentiments to the visible head of the church:

"As we have expressed on other occasions, Vladyko, you have been and continue to be a source of encouragement for us who live as Ukrainian Orthodox Christians in the Diaspora. Your spiritual strength, intuitive wisdom and kindness of heart are always an inspiration for us to continue to walk the path of holiness according to our ancient and venerable traditions."

Our prayers are with our God-beloved Father in Christ, Metropolitan Mefodiy, that he enjoy many more blessed, happy and spiritually fruitful years in the seat of the primacy of our Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

Na mnohaya l'ita, Vladyko! - For many years, Master! - Para muchos años Señor!

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