Monday, June 16, 2008

Pentecost Message from Vladyka Mykhayil

Slava Isusu Khrystu!
Glory to Jesus Christ!
Gloria a Jesucristo!

Dear Faithful in Christ,

June 15, 2007

Today's holyday is always a special one for our people. It celebrates life and the continual gift of God's Spirit, the source of life. The color green which we use, signifies that we are alive and good, and full of the healthy presence of God within us.

God's Spirit brings excitement and today, we have much to be excited about. Our church, which we have shown others, not to be made of stone and wood, but of God's people themselves, celebrates its birthday. Our cathedral parish observes its annual patronal festival; and we remember and remind the world of 1020 years of Christian faith in our spiritual motherland, Ukraine. Indeed, these are things of which we are proud and excited.

The future is always right ahead of us and the past, just a short distance behind. Time passes quickly, but when we act in the Spirit of God, there is no separation of time - only the fullness of time.

As we gather today as the church, from throughout the greater New York City area, let us remember that God's Spirit is moving us onwards, with all of the gifts which that Spirit bestows - wisdom, knowledge, prudence, courage, understanding, justice, truth.

From our heart, we greet the worldwide Predstoyatel of our Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, His Beatitude, Vladyka Mefodiy, the Metropolitan of Kyiv & All Ukraine, asking for his fatherly blessing on this festive day.

We also extend our congratulations to Vladyka Roman of Vinnitsya, Vladyka Andriy of Ivano-Frankivsk and all of our bishops and priests in Ukraine. Our holiday best wishes are sent also to Archbishop Odon, together with our God-loving people in Latin America and all the clergy and faithful of our UAOC community, wherever they may be.

The words of the Amvon prayer for Pentecost speak of how the Lord sustained the disciples through the constant presence of the Spirit's many gifts. My prayer is that each of us, in our individual way, may light the world by using and promoting the gifts of the Spirit of God.

Your Brother and Servant in Christ,

Metropolitan of New York & America
Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

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