Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Day Approaches

As the Julian Christmas holiday rapidly approaches, I find myself, like every pastor, rushing to make sure every detail is covered.

My Christmas Pastoral Letter to the people of our Metropolia is now ready and available. You may read it at:Christmas Pastoral Letter

Also, if time permits, please check out our Sunday bulletins. This week's material can be found at: Sunday, January 6, 2008

At every Eucharistic Liturgy, during the "Great Entrance," I always mention "all those intentions which we hold in our hearts, all those who have asked our prayers and all those we have promised to pray for . . . " I think it's important because each of us brings to the church so many needs and desires, both spiritual and material. Additionally, we bring the intentions of others.

It is also my style to remember "all of our departed loved ones and friends, whom each of us calls to mind at this time, and who pray along with us in this spiritual sacrifice . . . " I truly believe that our beloved deceased do join us in prayer and no more strongly then when we gather for the Eucharistic sacrifice, when heaven and earth are united in "God's time."

Let everyone be assured of my prayers and thoughts as we celebrate tomorrow's Divine Liturgy.

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