Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yulia Tymoshenko uses modern methodology

Yulia Tymoshenko
As I was looking up some information today, I came across the personal website of Yulia Tymoshenko, the recently-appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Published in Ukrainian, English and Russian, the English version can be accessed from this link:

Many will remember Yulia, who was the most visible and vociferous personality in the "Orange Revolution" of 2004. She is often compared to a Ukrainian "Eva Perón." Her powerful speeches and glamorous appearance gave unprecedented impetus to the Ukrainian populace.

The massive display of human presence in the streets and squares of Kyiv, lasting for several months, challenged the presidential elections and accomplished the proclamation of a re-vote which resulted in Viktor Yushchenko gaining the presidential office.

Much has happened in Ukrainian politics since those days, but Yulia is back, and stronger than ever. This was obvious during my October, 2007 visit to Ukraine, at which time she was most prominent in television and news media, working for her party's gain in the fall elections. As beautiful and eye-catching as ever, Yulia continues to have the charm that makes her so beloved.

Democratic in her visions and looking to see a Ukraine much more aligned with Europe and the West than it's long time Russian overseer to the north, Yulia can only be a light of hope for a Ukraine which is still finding its place among nations, after centuries of foreign and often cruel domination.

Happy New Year Ukraine. Keep on passing the torch of hope, Yulia.

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