Thursday, February 14, 2008

A visual journey through Eastern Orthodoxy

I came across this video on youtube. It gives a rather ascetically pleasing and attractive impression of the Orthodox Church.

In a time when many are speaking about dignity and beauty in liturgy, Byzantine-Orthodoxy can stand as an example of a church that has done a pretty good job at maintaining this throughout the centuries.

Sure, liturgy may not always be done as perfectly or as dramatically as it is in some countries and places. However, there remains the spiritual and contemplative atmosphere in each service of the Byzantine tradition.

Overall, this video is a good presentation of the church with a window at sharing with others, who have not seen Orthodoxy in action, or experienced the essence of its worship. Enjoy.


fr.Yevhen said...

Great video! Thanks, Vladyko! =)

Anonymous said...

Su Eminencia Mykhayil, muy significativo este video, sobre todo para quienes hacemos parte de La Iglesia Ortodoxa, esta belleza liturgica fue el instrumento usado por Dios para que hoy sea religioso y un convencido de la riqueza espiritual, teologica de la Iglesia Ortodoxa.
Dios lo siga Iluminando y la Santa Theotokos lo acompañe.
Con afecto
Subdiacono Antonio
IOUA Colombia