Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Way to Go Giants! - Así se Hace Gigantes!

New York fans are still experiencing the thrills of the Giants' Sunday night Super Bowl victory over the seemingly omnipresent New England Patriots. It's was New York's first appearance in the NFL championship since the 1991 season.

A game true to form for American football, fans were on the edges of their seats until the very last seconds of play. Eli Manning and the Giants' offensive took the lead again, in the final three minutes while Michael Strahan and the defense prevented the "dynasty" Super Bowl champion Patriots from turning the table in the final moments.

In Manhattan this morning will be a ticker tape victory parade from the Battery, up Broadway, to City Hall. Once a very common site in New York, this will be the first "ticker tape" parade to be held in the City since the year 2000.

I had to write this tribute to our City and our hard-working NY Giants. Well done, Giants! Chevre, Gigantes!

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