Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Russian Patriarch to Establish Residence at Historic Ukrainian Monastery

And the Moscow Patriarchate claims that its branch in Ukraine [(Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate or UOC-MP) is "autonomous" . . . They prefer to simply call it the "Ukrainian Orthodox Church" without the clarifier "Moscow Patriarchate" to emphasize its so-called self-sufficiency from the "Third Rome." Some people, sadly, poorly informed about the ecclesiastical situation in Ukraine , even refer to this group as the "legitimate Orthodox church of Ukraine." If you think you can trust them on any of this, read the latest below. Absolutely incredible! +Vladyka Mykhayil]

Residence of Russian Orthodox Church Head to Be Opened in Kyivan Cave Monastery

02.07.2008, [13:53] // Inter-Christian relations // Religious Information Service of Ukraine

Kyiv — The Hierarchical Council of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) passed a resolution to open a residence for the head of the ROC, Alexis II, in the Kyivan Monastery of the Caves. According to the information of, which references the Moscow Patriarchate’s site, the hierarchical council supported the proposal of the head of ROC to found a residence at the Kyivan Monastery of the Caves and a patriarchal residence in Kyiv in order to “strengthen the inter-connection between the two capitals of the Russian Orthodoxy.”

The Council also addressed statesmen of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus with a proposal to include St. Volodymyr’s Day in the list of state memorial dates.

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