Saturday, July 5, 2008


We pause to remember the 332nd anniversary of a nation believed to be a place of opportunity, of equality, of justice, of freedom and much more. These qualities came from the collective passions of the founders of this country. This past year, the mini-series John Adams gave us the chance to reflect in a new way on the motivating forces behind the creation of one of the most successful states in history.

It is fair to say that this holiday weekend, our thoughts may be more filled with anxiety, concern and uncertainty about the future of our society. “Times are hard” as it is said, with soaring prices, economic stress and bills that don't seem to end. Add to this, a segment of the population who believe that freedoms and rights should be limited, to promote their personal agenda of a perceived morality, based on nothing more than fear of those who are different and a false sense of righteousness and entitlement.

We all need to pray for this nation, that current mistakes can be rectified by a return to the basics of founders such as Adams, who, in a discussion with Thomas Jefferson proclaimed, “The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount contain my religion.”

God bless America with a willingness to resurrect the honorable and just principles upon which it was founded. May peace of mind return to our towns and our homes. Let the winds of change blow anew and let the bells of freedom ring out again for all who seek true liberty within the gates of these United States of America. - +Vladyka Mykhayil -

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