Monday, August 25, 2008

Director of Yale Center for Faith and Culture sends Conference follow-up letter

NEW HAVEN, CT: Professor Dr. Miroslav Volf, founding director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture and Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology, Yale Divinity School, sent a letter of gratitude to all participants in the July 28-31 conference, "Loving God and Neighbor in Word and Deed: Implications for Christians and Muslims."

In his communique, Dr. Volf said in part,

«The most important thing that I have taken away from the conference—from scholarly contributions, from learned panel presentations, from formal and informal discussions, from the exchange of experiences during meals and breaks—is a deepened sense of the immense potential that the Common Word presents for mending relationships between Muslims and Christians. Devotion to the one God (rather than to any worldly cause) and love of all neighbors (rather than the pursuit of our own interests or even our own rights) is the key to peace between those who, while different, inhabit the same space. If this is true, then our most important task is to make the commitment to love God and neighbor as widespread, as deep, and as intelligent as possible in each of our communities. Armed with such a commitment, we can together tackle many difficult issues that beset our mutual relations and our common world. To do this, I believe, is one historic task facing our communities as we seek to live together in one world while remaining faithful witnesses to the faith as we have received it.»


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