Monday, August 11, 2008


From July 28-31, I had the opportunity to be a participant in an historic conference at Yale University in New Haven, CT, that had the above theme. It brought together over 150 Christian and Muslim scholars from around the globe. The discussions centered around the words above and their implications for Christians and Muslims—Love of God and Love of Neighbor.
As a response to the document, A Common Word Between Us & You published last year by 138 Islamic scholars and addressed to all leaders of the Christian world, the Reconciliation Program at Yale aims to promote dialog among leaders, scholars and people of faith from both traditions, in order to discover common ground for working together within the global community.

The intention is not at all to promote a blending or conglomeration of the two religions, but rather to use the commonalities that they share to attain an atmosphere of co-abiding in peace and love between both peoples. For the sake of the good estate world and of each other, we conducted deliberations which sought to touch the root of the situations, listen to concerns and conduct a conversation which can lead to improved and more enlightened understandings between all.

My prayer is that the good work and the friendships that were forged at the conference will continue and grow into streams that nourish and lead to the progress of peoples and the safety of our world. It is more important now than ever that we work together towards this goal now. +Vladyka Mykhayil

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