Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today marks the 17th. Anniversary of the declaration of an independent Ukraine. Many of us in the Diaspora were overjoyed to finally see the day we thought might never come. Our relatives in Ukraine were liberated from decades of totalitarianism and centuries of government by others than ourselves.

17 years later, it is more important than ever, that we pray for Ukraine to be a place of continued independence, furtherance in the struggle for self-reliance, justice and equal opportunities for every person and the preservation of peace.

As Ukraine moves towards the future, we must be proud of the accomplishments of these past years, strong in our prayers and in our voices, to support a Ukraine that is open, able to set its own destiny and dedicated to our rich and unique Ukrainian heritage.

As members of the Ukrainian Church, we say yes to autocephaly and no to subjugation, allowing our Church to take its rightful place among the churches. On behalf of our entire UAOC in the Americas, I congratulate His Beatitude, our Predstoyatel, the Metropolitan of Kyiv & All Ukraine, Mefodiy, all of our God-loving Ukrainian bishops and our beloved clergy and faithful in Ukraine on this important Day of Independence.

Многая і благая літа!

Metropolitan of New York
Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

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